Cristiano Ronaldo in New Nike Mercurial Launch

cristiano ronaldoAfter a victory over Bosnia Herzegovina in Euro 2012 playoffs round, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Madrid to attend his new Nike Mercurial launched.

On the event, Ronaldo spoke about football and Real Madrid.

“We’re better and more mature. We entertain people. They enjoy to watch us, in both at home and the stadium. That’s what’s most important to us. We must think solely of ourselves.”

Ronaldo also spoke about titles, which he focused on winning.

“I want to win every game and also titles. I’m convinced we’ll win something this year. We will fight to win the three championships. Real Madrid must always fight for something important. We’ll win something if we keep up the good work. It is very important to us to be ahead of our main opponent. It motivates us.”

About the next La liga match against Valencia next Saturday, CR commented :

“We focus on each game at a time. We’re doing a very good job and have to be confident. We’ll try to earn a good result against Valencia. That’s all we think about. We know it will be a very difficult match and we’ll have to give our all. Valencia are playing very well and are currently third on the table. It won’t be like it was last season. We’ll have to play well and win.”

Ronaldo also mentioned about his fellow Portuguese, coach Mourinho and Carvalho.

“Jose Mourinho is hungry for victories and likes to do things well. We players try to improve and so do coaches. Carvalho is fine. He’s happy and motivated to come back. I also think Sahin is doing well. He is also anxious to play and is working hard to come back too. I wish he can help us.”

“We enjoy ourselves a lot because we feel a connection with the crowd. That means we play well and that people are happy. You feel those positive vibes on the pitch.”


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