Cristiano Ronaldo: I feel good

This summer’s most controversial football personality (arguably), Cristiano Ronaldo, has declared to the media that he was very satisfied with life at Old Trafford.

The Portuguese Star was at the centre of the transfer matter involving Manchester United and Real Madrid. After months of speculations, Ronaldo finally decided to stay in England for at least a year.

Now, it seems like his desire to join the Spanish Giants is a red flame that is turning blue under the influence of Fergie’s arguments and the genuine feeling of joy at Manchester.

At least, Real Madrid is no more a name that comes out of Ronaldo’s mouth during interviews these days.

Despite Ronaldo’s confession of loyalty in Man United, it looks like some supporters find it hard to forgive entirely the Portuguese winger.

However, this is not what bothers Ronaldo the most. The so-called ‘Prodigal Son’ has been offered the love and confidence of his coach and teammates, which makes all what happened during the transfer saga as a thing of the past.

Ronaldo is enjoying his season – which has just commenced for him – and is much content at Old Trafford.

Written by: Angela Asante

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