Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend Irina and Mom Dolores Getting Cozy on Derby Match(7 November 2010)

irinaIrina Shayk was seen on Estadio Santiago Bernabeu with Cristiano Ronaldo’s mom, Dolores on Sunday (7/11). They were watching Real Madrid derby match against Atletico Madrid.

This is probably the first pictures of them together appear on the media. Before, Irina only seen with CR and Katia, his sister when they attended a basketball match at Madrid.

So a green light must’ve been given from the missus to Irina, and I guess a wedding bell will soon be heard, ….probably next year…..

However, the picture above shows how Irina and Dolly keep their distance away. Irina, busy with her phone, and Dolly were paying no attention on her. It’s understandable, since they can’t have a decent conversation, coz Dolly can’t speak English, while Irina is clueless in Spanish or Portuguese language.

The Russian beauty already been dating the mega football star for 7 months now, and still going. For Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s like a new record, since all this time he has known as a womanizer.


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