Cristiano Ronaldo Gets the Most Fouls in La liga

cristiano ronaldo foulCristiano Ronaldo often accused as a diver, no matter how often he showed his professionalism on the field. And against Sporting Gijon few days ago, he even sent off a player that fouls him twice on the match. Was he wrong ?? Clearly not.

In Spanish League match, Real Madrid was far from being a violent team. But somehow, Ronaldo always get the most foul in every matches. This season in La liga, he already sent 2 players, Botia and Galan with red card, plus 4 yellow. None other player in the competition has received that many fouls from the opponent. But again, it was Ronaldo who took the blame, as a diver.

The opponents tries to use Ronaldo’s labil emotion when it comes to a game. The Portuguese player often protest, and provoke the jury when he got a lot of pressure on the field. The result, his behaviour was unacceptable by the referee, most of the time.

His handsome, arrogant and muscular figure was often become the reason why other players were envy of him. Maybe some of his antics behaviours were a bit annoying, but that doesn’t make other free to violate him, and wished to get free from it.

In this video, you can see the 7th foul from Sporting player against Ronaldo. Check  the VIDEO HERE>>, and decide…


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