Cristiano Ronaldo First Pictures For Armani – Some Kind Of Illuminati Message?

C. Ronaldo -ArmaniCristiano Ronaldo replaced David Beckham as Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani’s number one model.

His first pictures for Armani have been released and one of them seems to reveal an Illuminati message.

Firstly, for those who don’t know a thing about the Illuminati, here is a quick explanation of the whole thing:

The Illuminati is believed to be a satanic secret society which executes itself through all means, and which rules the world with several symbols – the most popular of those being the all-seeing-eye and the Manu Cornuto (I love you Devil sign).Eye, Mano Cornuto

It is widely believed that the Illuminati uses celebrities especially as well as pop culture to spread its message around the world.

While many people decide to ignore the manifested truth of the existence of the Illuminati, others have taken another look at the world and noticed satanic signs everywhere.

Now is Cristiano Ronaldo a messenger for this group?

This week, the most iconic footballer on the planet had his first ever photo shoots for Armani; his pictures exposed sensual provocation and perhaps, something else… a sign of the Illuminati.

Cris, Lady GagaOn this picture on the left, shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo has two of his right hand’s fingers near his right eye just like singer Lady Gaga (who publicly talks herself about the rule of symbols) can be seen gesturing almost similarly…

This sign (called eye in the triangle) is regarded as one among many satanic gestures to many people, and even to those who are proud of doing it.

In our Video gallery, you can have the chance to watch Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s latest revealing video which can also be seen on (Click here).

Now what about this picture that you can see here:Triangles

Is it just a coincidence that the triangle (pyramid and Illuminati sign) can be seen there?

Well, judge for yourself!

Angela Asante


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