Cristiano Ronaldo fights back against COVID-19 amid a huge pay-cut

Portugal’s soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo is fighting back against the coronavirus in his way, but more significantly he’s doing it through a pay-cut that’s been rumoured of up to 30% for Serie A clubs. 

One of the footballing world’s most talented and popular athletes certainly won’t suffer any scrutiny from his most recent actions. 

The Portuguese international and Juventus front-runner has been putting his skills on display battling in the Serie-A in recent times and given the current situation the world suffers through the coronavirus pandemic; together with his agent, they have been using their football fortune to assist with medical supplies in Portugal.

With any form of selfishness set aside, Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes have put their wealth together to supply medical equipment for hospitals that are in dyer-need whilst struggling to deal with a huge increase of patients suffering from the coronavirus. 

Ronaldo was already back home in Portugal after his mother suffered a stroke, he’s been self-isolating ever-since multiple team-mates had tests return positive for the deadly virus.

Portugal is currently under a state of emergency with the situation expected to easy-off by next week. In comparison to its neighbouring countries of Italy and Spain, Portugal hasn’t seen the same spike in cases, which is where the Juventus star is currently residing.  

It’s no surprise the former Real Madrid and Manchester United star is delving into his pockets during such a serious time. He’s given away millions of his fortunes to good causes or charitable organizations. He donated 5-million to a charity in Nepal during the earthquake and more recently, raised half a million for the make-a-wish foundation. 

Ronaldo isn’t shy about his earnings and has been humble throughout his career. He supposedly earns around 80-million per year and is now putting some of that money to good use with his agent Mendes – they are on the verge of purchasing 50 thousand protective masks and organizing donations for a multitude of hospitals in the forth-coming weeks. 

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Ronaldo set to suffer huge pay-cut

Whilst splashing his cash attempting to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic, Juventus lead man could be heading for one of the biggest pay-cuts of them all. 

Reports from Spain are to have claimed that Serie A teams are heading towards cutting player wages by 20-30 per-cent due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

If this were to play-out, Ronaldo would suffer a loss of around 8.5 million in future wages. 

With a 700 million lifetime deal with Nike on top of his 30 million-per-year contract with Juventus, a loss that may seem gigantic to the average person isn’t going to affect him all that much. He’s the world’s most marketable footballer, earning more in endorsement deals than his equals on the pitch in Messi and Neymar combined. 

That said, if the Serie-A doesn’t make a comeback or the European tournaments (which is more than possible given the severity of the pandemic), Ronaldo will begin to take losses that may be detrimental to his earnings. An entire different financial world to likes of me and you, but these pay-cuts could eventually hit-hard for Ronaldo as well as other athletes alike. 

Ronaldo’s actions towards the pandemic become even more appreciated when you witness the star taking a loss in salary earnings like you’re a huge percentage of the rest of the world. It truly does put his humble nature into perspective as he continues to help those in need throughout his loss in wage. 

Since the outbreak, Ronaldo has taken shelter at his home on the island of Madeira. After 120 plus Juventus staff was ordered home, he’s had no choice but to self-isolate with the rest of the world.

He may earn a huge amount of money, but it’s apparent the Portuguese star has a giving nature at the most important of times. 

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