Cristiano Ronaldo Crowned As The Most Effective Sportsman In Social Network

His amazing skills,  a beautiful face, and a perfect figure comes in one package for the famous Cristiano Ronaldo. And in less than a year, he already collect over than 21 million fans in Facebook alone, plus 2 million followers on Twitter.

With this achievement, the Real Madrid forward gets to be crowned as the most effective social networker in sport according to Christian Hernandez, a Facebook’s Head of International Business Development.

Hernandez also praised on how Cris handling his personal life through Twitter and Facebook, and let the fans get to know the intimate aspect in his life.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is the best athlete at self-marketing on social networks” said Hernandez. “Everyone remembers the shock created by him publishing the first photo of his child on Facebook. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United are by far the best clubs at using social networking. Their fans are responding very well.

Despite praising Cristiano, he spoke differently about Wayne Rooney, and critisized other stars who use a third party to update the status.

“Those who use Facebook poorly are those athletes who do not manage their presence themselves – it’s as simple as that. For example, Wayne Rooney – it’s just not what you would want to hear as a fan,” said the Facebook executive.

Maybe he should learn that Cristiano also use that  “third party” person to write his status, but still manage to collect fans simply because he’s  too famous.


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