Cristiano Ronaldo content to take it step by step

Ronaldo - Step by step

Ronaldo - Step by step

Manchester United’s former ace Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken concerning his performance for his childhood dream team Real Madrid.

The Portuguese fleet-footed winger is yet to quench the fans’ thirst as he hasn’t quite played at his highest level. Ronaldo didn’t enjoy the best of starts with Los Blancos in the pre-season. The 24-year-old failed to grab the spotlight in his debut against Shamrock Rovers. Cristiano Ronaldo neither powered Real Madrid to success in the Peace Cup despite getting two goals in the tournament.

But the player is content with how things are going on so far with Madrid. He told the media:

“I am feeling fine. I am regaining form little by little.

“Of course I wanted to be better but that is not how things are, these things take their time.

“I am confident that when the season starts I am sure I will be fine to help Real Madrid reach their goals.

“It would be bad if I was playing really well already, I would not be in form halfway through the season.

“My goal is to regain form, little by little. I am tranquil, I have been working very well and I am sure things will improve.”

Fans and viewers, do you believe Ronaldo when he says that things will improve when the new season kicks off in Spain?

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Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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