Cristiano Ronaldo Comes Second Best For The Best Smile Footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo with his perfectly handsome smile still can’t beat his ex-ManUtd senior David Beckham, when it comes to fame and beauty. Recently, according to SunSport, National Smile Month made a survey for the Best and the Worst Smile for a footballer that will appear in South Africa World Cup 2010.

As for the results, David Beckham makes it to the top on the list as The Best Smile footballer. Cristiano Ronaldo, surprisingly comes second place, while Thierry Henry from Barcelona is third on the list.
What about for The Worst Smile Category ?

Wayne Rooney is indeed not the most prettiest footballer ever, but being crowned as the Worst Smile is never comes to mind. His smile is even worse than Ronaldinho, the AC Milan Striker that has a famous goofy smile. Also the least expected that would appear on the list is John Terry, the former England captain. His reputation as a womanizer apparently hasn’t help him to be off the list.

While the England beauty Cheryl Cole makes it to number one as the Best WAG Smile. Despite her marriage is on the loose, she still manage to keep her perfectly sexy smile. Victoria Beckham, unlike her husband, she is last on the list. Can’t complain though with that fake botox smile on her petite face.


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