Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho Off To United States ??

mou and crisLately, despite of their awesome achievement, Real Madrid became more famous with their negative news all over the media. Started from Sara Carbonara, Iker Casillas girlfriend cruel comments on Cristiano Ronaldo, everything becomes like a domino effect.

Followed with Cristiano clash rumors with his Spanish teammates in Real Madrid. In their last few matches, we hardly saw Cris celebrate his goal with the Spanish players. Sure, Iker denied the rumor, but what we saw is not going to fool us. There IS something going on between them.

Secondly, on Real Madrid christmas lunch, none of the Spanish players sat on the same table with Cristiano. Definitely no bonds between them.

And the story is not too different with Jose Mourinho. He was rumored to have a disagreement with Jorge Valdano, and that Real Madrid board of Director were tired of Mou’s bad behaviour towards the referee. Mou felt that he didn’t get the support he needs. And now , the latest rumor, is that both Portuguese will set their feet on Uncle Sam’s country.

Could it be true ? But why US ?
For Cris, it is the closest choice, since his girlfriend Irina is currently lives in New York. And for Mourinho, here’s a hint. Mou just got back from his Christmas holiday in New York yesterday. Of course, he almost missed the flight to Madrid, due to storm in JFK, and got stuck there for sometime.(Really, snowy season and he prefers to go there for a holiday?) But he got lucky, and was able to flew back to Madrid right on time for today’s first training session.

The news were not only from Spanish media, but also on US media. They wrote that Cristiano will leave Madrid in the next summer, and Mou is mostlikely to join him.


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