Cristiano Ronaldo – Amazing Moment in Camp Nou (El Clasico)

It was a proud moment for Cristiano Ronaldo, to score the winning goal in the last la liga Clasico this season. The goal in Camp Nou has marked a new achievement for Ronaldo, personal and also for the club.

For Ronaldo, in the last 3 visit to Camp Nou, he never failed to score. The goal also adding to his collection of total 54 goals in all competition. In Spanish League, Ronaldo leads one goal from Lionel Messi, which makes him the top scorer in league competition so far.

On the last Clasico match, Ronaldo appeared to be more dangerous than Messi , who had difficulties on having his way off from Madrid’s defenders.

While Ronaldo had 6 shots attempts, Messi only made it one time. According to the stats, Messi was barely became a threat for Real Madrid, as if he lost his magic. It was kind of surprising since he had 13 goals in 18 Clasico matches, compare to Ronaldo’s 5 goals in 15 Clasico games.

“I’m very happy. Now I have scored 3 goals in the last 3 Clasico in Camp Nou. But the important thing is the team, and I congratulate my team for their performance,” said Ronaldo after the match.

“It was an important goal, but the team’s victory is more important. We still have 4 matches left, and with 7 point margin, we are now in a save zone,”added Ronaldo.



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