Cristiano Ronaldo Acts Gracefully as He Loses to Lionel Messi in UEFA Best Player of 2010/11 – Pictures

As most of football experts predicted, as well as us amateurs, Lionel Messi did grab the UEFA best players of 2010/11 award. But apparently, the 3 top nominators already know who will bring home the award even before the show started.

It was a surprise, that Ronaldo would play his role and put the sportive “loser” face gracefully to his rival, Messi. But the explanation behind that is just simple.

Ronaldo didn’t plan to go for a 4 hours flight to Monaco just to applaud Messi. It was Florentino Perez who convinced  him to attend the event, in order to smoothen their relationship with UEFA. As you all know, Real Madrid have been harmed by UEFA referee and the commitee last season, and Perez decided that he wanted to make all it takes to normalize the situation. And the presence of Real Madrid icon could be one of the solution.

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