Cristiano Ronaldo 2 Goals and Record in Euro 2012


Cristiano Ronaldo has finally able to prove his existancy  by  scoring 2 goals in Euro 2012 competition. The goals were created when Portugal had their last Group B stage match against Netherlands. With his 2 goals, Portugal managed to enter the quarter final round and will be facing Czech Republic next June 21st.

Besides that, Cristiano Ronaldo also grabbed a new record as the 7th player to score 2 goals in 3 Euro competition. Before, Ronaldo also scored 2 goals in Euro 2004 and 2008. Along with Ronaldo, there are also famous footballer names such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thierry Henry, Vladimir Smicer, Jurgen Klinsmann, Nuno Gomes and Helder Postiga. The last 2 names are his team mates in Portugal team.

And that wasn’t all. Cristiano Ronaldo wrote a phenomenal achievement by being the first Portuguese player that scored goal in the last 5 big competition, including World Cup and Euro Championship. His name were on WC 2006 and 2010 goal scorer list.

Until now, only German legendary player Klinsmann who made a goal in 6 matches of World class competition.

With the goals, Ronaldo now collects 34 goals, and has overcome Luis Figo’s goal record.

But for the 2 goals he created, Cristiano Ronaldo thanked his Portugal teammates for their support. He also dedicated the goals for his son, who had his second birthday on the same day with Portugal’s match.

“We made it, and I dedicated the man of the match for my son. Thank you for all of the support,” said Ronaldo.



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