Cristiano Muerte! Who Wants Cristiano Ronaldo’s Death? Anti-Ronaldo Fans Do!

Cristiano Ronaldo hit by a laser during El Clasico at the Camp Nou. Ronaldo readies to take a free-kick for Real Madrid against BarcelonaThreats from anti-Ronaldo fans are becoming more serious. Cristiano Ronaldo was greeted with hostility by Osasuna fans who want his death: “Cristiano Muerte!” (Cristiano Die!);

This was the song that they chanted in attempt to discourage and distract the former Manchester United playmaker.

It’s not the first time that Cristiano Ronaldo has been subject to intense hostility in La Liga this season. When the Portuguese winger travelled to Barcelona for El Clasico, he was welcomed at the Camp Nou with aggressive chants from the home crowd.

Cristiano Ronaldo was even hit by a laser effect directly pointed into his eyes. The feeling of hatred by Anti-Ronaldo fans against the world’s most expensive players seems to be no joke.

Apparently, many people among Cristiano Ronaldo’s haters want the 2008 FIFA World Player of the Year to die.
Anti-Ronaldo fans are not ashamed to reveal how much they hate Ronaldo and want him to be hit by death.

Now what looks strange is the fact that nothing seems to be done to stop those hostile death threats against Cristiano Ronaldo.

In that case, from where do Anti-Ronaldo fans find their support?Frustrated Cristiano Ronaldo puts his hand at the back of his head.

It’s certainly too delicate to make any speculations over which illustrious person wants Cristiano Ronaldo’s death as well.

Perhaps, no-one even wants Ronaldo’s death apart from die-hard Anti-Ronaldo fans.

How serious are those death threats, how reel could it be that Cristiano Ronaldo succumbs to an attack one of these days?

Maybe, Anti-Ronaldo fans should start feeling ashamed of their immature reactions which somehow prove how great Cristiano Ronaldo is.

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Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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