Cristiano could have been dead by now!!!

After praising Ronaldo for completing his successful year in 2008 by winning the Fifa Player of the Year award on Monday, let’s shift our attention back to what happened a week ago: Ronaldo’s car crash incident.

Life goes on normally for Cristiano Ronaldo this days, but can you imagine that the 23 year old could have been a corpse by now?

Ronaldo’s accident was much more damaging than one may think, making his survival even more miraculous.

The Portuguese Star once escaped unhurt from an accident when his car somersaulted at a roundabout on a rainy day, leaving the vehicle parallel to the ground from the wrong side.

This incident, which happened earlier in December 2007, is now a forgotten story because Ronaldo is well alive. But last Friday, Ronaldo’s accident was even more alarming.

While driving through a two-lane tunnel at Manchester Airport to get to training, Ronaldo’s car hit the wall – sending parts of the barrier flying across the dual carriageway. One of the wheels of his Ferrari came off and was about 200 yards behind where the car had stopped.

Cristiano Ronaldo looked extremely confused after the accident, knowing what it could have meant: death. But then, the lucky victim escaped without injury and could even attend training the same morning.

Edwin Van der Sar was driving his Bentley behind Ronaldo when the crash occurred. The Manchester United goalkeeper may have experienced the most horrible moment of his life if Ronaldo’s life had been taking away during the accident.

How different it would have been if Ronaldo had died! But at every Pro-Ronaldo’s relief, the 23 year old Portuguese Superstar is still alive.

Cristiano Ronaldo survived the most thrilling moment of his life, can he surmount the challenges of this season to retain his crowns?

Written by: Angela Asante

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