CRF Quiz officially launched

The Cristiano Ronaldo Fan Site has come up with something new for you fans!
It’s the Ronaldo quiz, now officially launched.

Click on “Ronaldo Quiz” in the menu and play instantly. Play for fun! Test your knowledge about Cristiano Ronaldo and be a winner.
This is just the first step of CRF’s revolution.

Start trying yourself out because sooner very soon, CRF will have harder quizzes and exciting Quiz competitions just for you members!
If you are a true Ronaldo fan, go on and play the Ronaldo Quiz. It’s relatively easy and all for your own pleasure.

Don’t forget to write comments about the Ronaldo Quiz. Tell us if you like it or not, if you played it or not, and if it was easy or not. This will help us create something better for you the next time!

Until then, enjoy your game!

Written by: Angela Asante

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