Champions League Clasico – A Total Disaster

In the beginning of Champions League competition, there were 2 strong candidates that are expected to perform in the final round. The Champions League Clasico is a dream for all football fans . To be able to watch such prestigue match between 2 best team in the world, competing for the European title is so worth to wait.

But then it became such a disappointment after Barcelona and Real Madrid got kicked out in the semi finals. And as shocking as it was, the crucial match happened at their own home ground, where they usually become every football  club’s nightmare.

Both their top players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi each have failed in a matter of life penalty shot. True, in football anything could happen. Even hundreds of million euros can’t help any club from getting the dream Trophy.

What makes it unbearable to face, is that both team were showing a great expectation in the group match. Madrid succeeded in getting a perfect point, while Barcelona only lost 2 points after a draw over AC Milan.

So what could go wrong ? Could they just under-estimate the underdog team that is apparently showed their true power in the important match ?

Or maybe it was because they have put too much mind and energy in the Spanish league competition that they barely have left for the Champions League ?

No matter what answer we could find, it proves that in football, creativity and mentality is the most important, more than just  match statistics. Chelsea and Bayern Munich both can proudly enter the finals simply because they are willing to take risk and put on different strategy in facing the most powerful team, as well as showing a strong mental and confidence.

The proves can be seen when both Real Madrid and Barcelona, despite showing their domination in the match, they kept on making mistakes due to frustration that finally become the advantage from the opponents.



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