Blog – City’s Marc Hughes: Wright-Phillips was punished, why not Ronaldo?

It seems like Manchester United’s struggling billionaire rivals are looking at someone else’s plate instead of concentrating on their own business.
The Sky Blues had their influential winger Shaun Wright-Phillips banned for three games after retaliating at Stoke City’s Rory Delap last weekend.

The incident came very much at the discontent of Marc Hughes who didn’t hide his emotions:

“We were disappointed Shaun got the three games as we felt there were mitigating circumstances. There seems to have been similar situations in recent days that haven’t been punished as hard,” Hughes said in the Daily Mail.

Then quickly turning his attention on the controversy caused in Man United game at home to his former club Blackburn when Ronaldo appeared to have kicked out David Dunn but managed to escape unpunished, Hughes fumed:

“The opportunity to retrace steps on that one has been missed. The referee [in the United game] has obviously said he’s seen it at the time and didn’t think it merited a sending-off. We felt hard done by, we made our feelings known, but there we go.”

The former Manchester United Star player is one of those who think that the Red Devils are giving to much protection from referees.

Anyway, there’s freedom of speech in football. But one thing that comes to my mind when I hear the public accusing Ronaldo over an issue is this:

Why can’t people be fair and speak out on injustice when there are incidents like what happened earlier this year when Pogatetz crushed down the Portuguese to the ground and went on unpunished?

Instead, the media portrayed Ronaldo as the bad hot-tempered guy with a disgusting body language.
Apart from Fergie’s comment supporting Ronaldo and condemning both Pogatetz and the referee, no one made echo of the case.

My advice to people who think this way is this: Speak out on everything and don’t defend yourself on someone else’s back when you have been misled.

Written by: Angela Asante

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