Bet Now: With who will Real Madrid be paired in Europe?

Uefa Champions League Trophy

Uefa Champions League Trophy

The draws for the group stages of Europe’s most prestigious competition takes place this evening. Real Madrid have been put in Pot 2 which includes the likes of Juventus, FC Porto, Inter Milan, and Lyon.

Barcelona top Pot 1 with the most coefficient points. The Blaugrana lead the top seeds. According to UEFA’s rule, there is no possibility that Barcelona or Sevilla (who are both top seeded) will be paired with Real Madrid in the group stages because teams from the same country cannot be drawn in the same pool.

So it is left with Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, AC Milan, Arsenal, and Bayern Munich. Which of those sides will have Real Madrid in their group? It’s time for you to bet now! Bet before the draw is made this evening. Vote in the poll, and then write a short comment starting by “Real Madrid will be paired with” then put the name of the team you have chosen.

The winners will receive an email tomorrow morning indicating their victory! Vote here now:

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