Euro 2008: German keeper knows how to stop Ronaldo

In an interview with Germany’s goalkeeper Jens Lehmann he said that he knows how to stop Cristiano Ronaldo.

“He is very pleasant to watch playing. My former colleagues in the Arsenal defense found a very good recipe to stop him”

“I will not explain to you now how this recipe works, but I know how you can play effectively against him and I have already spoken to our defender Arne Friedrich about it.”

Tonight we’ll see if Jens Lehman has the correct recipe or not when Portugal plays against Germany in the Euro 2008 quarter-final.

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    • milena
      20th June 2008

      Para mi Cristiano es el futbolista mas GUAPO EN TODO EL MUNDO y el mejor jugador de fut ese es mi deporte favorito y todos los dias practico fut.

      LO AMOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SALUDOS A CRIS.

    • Abbi
      21st June 2008

      oh nooooo!!! they found a weakness.

    • Charlene
      15th July 2008

      “I will not explain to you now how this recipe works”-Jens Lehmann..HA HA HA! Now this is what he meant, “I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO STOP CRISTIANO RONALDO SO I’M JUST GONNA SAY BRAINLESS STUFF”…Yes, Germany did happen to win, BUT it’s not because of Ronaldo, HELLO there are other attackers/forwards/wingers..SO really the score could have gonna anyway even if Ronaldo happen to be stopped..


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