England’s Wayne Rooney hopes that Portugal miss the World Cup

Do you remember when Portugal came from a goal down to push the game into extra time and ultimately beat England on penalties in the quarter finals of the European championship in 2004?

Do you also remember how Portugal held England to a goalless draw for 120 minutes before humiliating them 3-1 on spot kicks during the 2006 World Cup in Germany?

These are special moments for Portuguese fans but for England’s Wayne Rooney, all these memories are a nightmare. The Manchester United number 10 publicly revealed his wish against Portugal who are on the brink of missing out of the World Cup in South Africa.

Wayne Rooney said:

“It would be nice to see Portugal not there [in the finals] because in the last two tournaments, they’ve knocked us out.”

Wayne Rooney, meanwhile, is a happy and relax man. The 23-year-old is assured of playing at the World Cup after England qualified for the finals earlier in September.

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    • derbyanabella
      14th October 2009

      Ronaldo said that Rooney must have been joking. Both of them are friends, and Rooney definitely won’t say those kind of thing if they weren’t close. It shows that Ronaldo has a big heart…

    • Diana
      14th October 2009

      Ugh, I never liked that Rooney. He always looked like a shifty person to me, anyways I hope his bad vibes towards Portugal come back to bite him in the behind and England gets knocked out in the early stages of the World Cup next year! God I’d be soooo happy if that did occur! But yeah, come on Portugal, I know you can squeeze in into the World Cup!! The World Cup needs you Cris! =D

    • shakira
      15th October 2009

      i dont think rooney said somethings like that..
      they were friends and they will always be, although they wont close like used to..
      its just media controversy, dont buy everythings the said..
      they like fire up something out off thin air…

    • Cristiano’s girl
      24th November 2009

      Yeah derby cristiano is very forgivin, he is an angel but if rooney realy said that he should b ashamed of himself i never thought roo wil say sumthin lyk that


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