Where Will Ronaldo Play Next?

The 2016 summer transfer windows will be a very hot one indeed. Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic have announced that they will be leaving their respective clubs, with Ronaldo being tied as Ibrahimovic’s replacement. This is only logical because Paris Saint-Germain officials have a lot of money to spend and Ronaldo has some big needs in terms of wages. Although, it would be bombastic to see them both play together, but very unlikely because of both being players that like the spotlight for themselves.

Although other clubs have surfaced as the potential destination for Ronaldo, Paris Saint-Germain are the biggest favorites. Not even a legend like Zinedine Zidane wasn’t enough to convince Ronaldo to spend some more time in Real Madrid. Ronaldo is a living legend whose face has been all around the world, on commercials, kid’s bags, lunch boxes and even video games.

Another team considered a favorite in signing Ronaldo is Manchester United. In fact, sports media have been speculating that Ronaldo might return to Manchester for couple of years now. Will this summer be the one where Lassie comes home? We’ll see, although it’s tough to imagine that Manchester United would spend so much money. But, in realty, they desperately need a star like Ronaldo considering their flop this season, one that can restart the engine and help the team climb those old heights. There are even speculations that Mourinho will join him in Man Utd.

Zidane has revealed that he plans on relying on the Benzema, Bale and Ronaldo offensive trio, but that hasn’t changed the fact that Ronaldo will be most probably leaving Real Madrid this summer. Real Madrid might be willing to listen to offers considering the fact that Ronaldo has turned 31 and is starting to have problems with his knee, so the price may drop which would be great for Manchester United.

A Real Madrid insider told the media that Ronaldo is the player expected to leave the club more than the other stars like Bale, who has speculated about leaving too. This is because Bale is 5 years younger, which makes him a more reliable future for the club, whereas the best years of Ronaldo might be behind him. But, it doesn’t mean that his career is over. On the contrary. The insider also said that PSG are desperate and the biggest favorites, but that Manchester United are hugely interested in signing him too and will try to do that.

Another reason why Ronaldo is heavy on leaving Real Madrid is the fact that Zidane is a person that likes to run the dressing room. Considering Ronaldo does that too, there might be a heavy clash of personalities, which in the end usually results with one person leaving the turf. If that happens, Zidane is said to be looking at Eden Hazard as his replacement.

Other possible destinations that people speculate about, although very unlikely to happen, are Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and even the USA. Chelsea and Manchester City have the money to bring him there, and so do the Major League football clubs, but I don’t know about Arsenal. Anyway, it would be fun to see Ronaldo playing in the Premier League again.

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