You want to win the Golden Ball? Then you need to suffer!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s glittering form last season powered Manchester United to a memorable double and the Ballon d’Or could be his reward, come December 2nd.

Ferguson and the rest of his team-mates have expressed their happiness towards Ronaldo’s success, but Evra is one of those realistic people.

“Ronny expects to win the Golden Ball,” Evra told the press. “But I have told him that when people see him in the pictures with the golden ball he will have a lot of enemies!” he continued.

It is true that Cristiano Ronaldo has been the victim of serious fouls this season, needing heavy treatment during the match against Villareal after Capdevila’s reckless challenge; Ronaldo left the pitch with cuts and bruises. He also had to limp off with a leg injury at Villa Park the week before.

“This is the life, when you are the best player everybody tries to beat you,” Evra explained.

“He received a lot of bad tackles against Villarreal and the fans tried to upset and goad him as well. It is normal. He has to be ready for that.”

Something which Ronaldo will not want to prepare himself for is a shocking result in Paris next week when the Ballon d’Or will be handed out.
There is no doubt that it will mean suicide for Ronaldo, should he not win the prestigious award.

Written by: Angela Asante

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