World Player of the Year Ronaldo shines but Man U draw 0-0 against Inter Milan.

At the majority of the public’s surprise, last night’s most anticipated clash featuring Mourinho’s Inter Milan and Fergie’s United didn’t produce any goal.
However, the score line doesn’t mean that the game was deprived of intrigue and excitement as one may suggest.

And the man at the centre of all the attraction was none other than Fifa’s Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo.
The Superstar winger displayed a scintillating performance in the whole of the 90 minutes, tearing down Inter Milan’s defense that could only thank the heavens for having Julio Cesar in post.

Ronaldo’s first touch of the ball was terrific, pushing Inter’s defenders to the extreme. Spicing up the night with tricks and flicks at the delight of the away crowd and at the anger of his booers, Ronaldo explained in a fashionable manner why he was the World’s best player.

He threatened the home side at numerous occasions with excellent free kicks. If it had not been because of Julio Cesar’s outstanding performance in goal, Inter Milan would have seen their might crushed down under the power of Cristiano Ronaldo.
Ronaldo came close to break the deadlock with a bullet header moments later in the first half; Inter’s goalkeeper got it just right to redeem his side from going behind.

The Star winger then set up Giggs with a through ball but the Welsh disappointingly failed to put the ball at the back of the net.
United’s best chance in the second half came when Ronaldo squared the ball in the penalty box after he had mastered his marker on the right hand side with a terrific run. But Berbatov and Park astonishingly failed to connect with the ball.

Ronaldo never had clear chances in the whole of the match but his determined and invincible character was interpreted by his fierce cracks on goal.
A last minute free-kick could have seen him turn the night into a memorable moment for him and his club at the San Siro, but his accurate shot was punched away once again by the impressive Brazilian keeper Julio Cesar.

Ronaldo was marvelous on the night, outshining Inter Milan’s Ibrahimovic and tearing down Muntari and Zanetti in midfield, and the goalless score line only explains how wasteful the rest of his mates were in front of goal.

However, Manchester United’s dominance on Tuesday night, led by Ronaldo’s dictating pace and skill, should be enough to boost the Red Devils’ confidence ahead of the second leg at Old Trafford.

Only a win will do for the defending Champions.

Written by:
Angela Asante

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