World Cup 2010: Cristiano Ronaldo Going Kim Kardashian Crazy?

Kim Kardashian and RonaldoThere’s a rumor that Cristiano Ronaldo has invited Kim Kardashian to watch him play in South Africa during the 2010 World Cup. If an insider is to be believed, then this story has sparked fury among some people close to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Speaking to the media, a source revealed:

“Cristiano has already been advised to be careful and not get wrapped up in anything unnecessarily stressful ahead of the World Cup. The World Cup is huge for him in both football terms and marketing wise. He would be stupid to let a girl put that at risk.

“Cristiano is not exactly taking the advice. He has already told Kim he wants her to come to South Africa to cheer him on.”

Should this rumor be true, then there’s a feeling that Cristiano Ronaldo is going crazy of Kim Kardashian. Now fans of the Portuguese superstar will fear that that woman won’t have any bad influence on Portugal’s chances at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

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Angela Asante,

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