Will Cristiano Ronaldo marry Paris Hilton?

Exactly one year after Cristiano Ronaldo neglected Paris Hilton in a bar, the Portuguese Superstar was seen partying dirtily with the Hollywood actress at My House night club in Los Angeles.

Cristiano Ronaldo doing like David Beckham?

The 24-year-old World Player of the Year is expected to complete his transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid in about a week’s time. This will see the number 7 star emulate AC Milan’s David Beckham who also used to wear the mesmerizing number 7 Red Devil jersey.

Now Cristiano Ronaldo could also emulate Beckham – if not surpass him – in terms of media attraction. The former English captain and his wife Victoria beat royal couple Prince Charles and Lady Diana in the press, and the Beckhams are continuing to receive the public’s attention.

Playboy Ronaldo may steal the spotlight from the Beckhams though, if he indeed marries Hollywood’s Paris Hilton. His £ 20,000 alcohol party broke into the headlines in a space of hours; The Estadio do Dragao record holder could well become an everyday-headline-maker when he joins Real Madrid.

The glamour in this Spanish club is arguably the greatest in the world, and with Paris Hilton by his side, Cristiano Ronaldo may outclass David Beckham’s popularity in the media.
Can Paris Hilton fit in Ronaldo’s life as a wife?

Paris Hilton: Ronaldo is just my good friend

Speculations of Cristiano Ronaldo marrying Paris Hilton have run fast throughout the public after the two Superstars were seen together. However, Paris Hilton insists that despite what happened at My House nightclub last week, there is nothing serious between herself and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“We’re getting to know each other and I have to leave it at that,” Paris Hilton said.

When asked about her relationship with Ronaldo yesterday, she told the press:

“Cristiano and I are good friends. Very good friends.”

A source close to Ronaldo and Hilton underlined Paris Hilton’s statement by telling the Mirror:

“Paris has just got out of two serious relationships, so she might not be ready to jump straight into another one,”

However, the source concluded:

“But they have been texting and calling each other a lot. So, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Either way, Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum, Dolores Aveiro, will hope that Ronaldo and Hilton are not dating. Reports explain that the cancer-stricken woman hates Aveiro while she is still sad about her son’s split with Nereida Gallardo.

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Written by: Angela Asante

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