Why is Ronaldo not married? Too young to marry?

At 23 years of age, Cristiano Ronaldo still lives as a single man. Unlike Robin Van Persie or Sergio Aguerro , Ronaldo has no fiancée, no wife, no kids… at least, officially.

The Portuguese Superstar is believed to have dated over 100 girls if rumours are true – which explains one of his quotes: “We should make the most of life, enjoy it because that’s the way it is”

Cristiano Ronaldo looked very close though to marry M. Bean ’s daughter Gemma Atinkson or even Spanish model Mercedes Romero whom he both dated, without forgetting Jordana Jardel from Brazil.

But after going out with all these ladies for months, Cristiano Ronaldo did not propose anything so serious as marriage.

Perhaps Ronaldo feels he is too young to settle with one woman now, perhaps is it a way to concentrate more on his professional career.

In any case, the dumped-and-broken Nereida Gallardo has other ideas why Ronaldo is not, cannot, and does not want to marry: it’s all because of his mother, Dolores Aveiro.

“He phones her every day. I wouldn’t be surprised if his next girlfriend is chosen by his mum,” Nereida once revealed as she blamed Dolores Aveiro for her split with Ronaldo.

Rumours that the Star winger was going to marry the model from Mallorca were so strong that the press were just waiting to see the wedding ceremony take place to capture some exclusive pictures. The couple were seen together so often and cameras even spotted Nereida with a diamond ring on her engagement finger.

The Manchester United number 7 would have certainly eclipsed the Beckhams if he had effectively married the model. But after eight months of serious dating, Ronaldo’s relationship with Gallardo collapsed into pieces.

“He’s a coward who couldn’t end it face-to-face,” Nereida insisted – pointing out the way Ronaldo dumped her by text messages.

Letizia Filippi aka The Gaze was next on Ronaldo’s list, with Niki Ghazian in between his dreams.

Still, the so-called coward playboy could not choose a wife to marry among these girls… So, is it really Ronaldo’s choice to remain unmarried at present?

Well, there should be a reason why this successful, powerful, handsome and happy man is still single.

Written by: Angela Asante


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