Why Cristiano Ronaldo Will End Up in Manchester


TITLE: Why Cristiano Ronaldo will end up in Manchester

Cristiano Ronaldo has two more years left to run on his current Real Madrid contract and he’s giving away no secrets as to his next move, as he decides where he wants to win his next selection of football trophies.

If he desires a move away from Real Madrid this summer then there are only two countries that he can possibly end up in; England and France.

England means a possible return to Manchester United, which is where Ronaldo spent the early part of his career and where he still has a lot of friends, despite the fact he just scored twice against the club in the Champions League last 16 tie.

It’s also the club managed by someone he has described as a father figure in football, Sir Alex Ferguson.

There are no grudges there, no bad feeling which means Ronaldo would be happy to work with Ferguson again if he became available and if United managed to pull off a deal to sign him.

There is also the option for him to sign for Manchester City as they could afford him, but that seems unlikely considering the respect he has for United as a club and for their supporters.

The other option is France and Paris Saint-Germain, possibly one of the only clubs in the world who could afford him.

It’s a move that would appeal to Ronaldo because of two things; the chance to play football in a different country and the chance to work under a new manager.

The football side of the move is something which may put him off because of the fact Ligue 1 football is generally of a lower quality than in the Premier League or La Liga.

However, the chance to work with Carlo Ancelotti is interesting because Ancelotti has shown great skill in handling the presence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and other high profile stars at the French club.

He’s also recently been described as the club’s owners as the best manager in the world.

It’s possible but it’s not likely while a return route to Manchester could be on the cards, which Ronaldo is always going to pick over anything else.

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