Who is bigger, Ronaldo or Manchester United?

Manchester United has been a successful team in these last couple of years, winning the EPL title and the Community Shield twice, as well as the Champions League trophy. One man behind all this achievement is the talismanic number seven shirt Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese winger has scored over 60 goals for the Reds since the 2006/07 season and his performance has helped Man United find back its road to glory. Alex Ferguson’s side had not won the EPL title for more than 3 years and the Champions League since 1999.

There is no doubt Ronaldo’s presence has brought something special to the Red Devils and though his contribution to the squad is evident, some people – like Ryan Giggs – insist that there is more to Manchester United than Ronaldo.

Ironically, the English Premier League champions could only manage a 1 – 1 draw in their opening game at home to Newcastle on Sunday… and Ronaldo was absent.

The Star winger was the man of match on both occasions last season against Newcastle, getting five goals out of the eleven that were scored on aggregate in the two meetings.

So, is Manchester United a one-man team or not? Well, the debate is very much open.

On one hand, many people share the opinion that Ronaldo is Manchester United’s main weapon and that his departure from Old Trafford could mean the end of the Reds glory.

On the other, some think that Man United’s success has not been built on Ronaldo’s efforts alone but on the entire team’s efforts.

One argument, which stamps this opinion, is the fact that Manchester United’s victories in big games – such as the Champions League’s semi-final against Barcelona – are not mainly due to Ronaldo’s presence.

However, with what happened in the UEFA final in Moscow (where Ronaldo scored a goal but missed his penalty), it is obvious one may think that the club’s success is the fruit of every Red Devil player contribution, including Ronaldo’s.

Presently, with the way Man United is struggling to create chances and score, it seems Ronaldo’s return will definitely be a major boost for the defending champions.

Certainly, Alex Ferguson’s big boys need Ronaldo and Ronaldo needs Manchester United – the club that has let him become who he is now.

Written by: Angela Asante

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