Where lays the path to honour and pride?

Cristiano Ronaldo

As days go by, the public is getting tired of the transfer saga especially because of Ronaldo’s attitude. In the beginning, the twenty-three year old man looked very much undecided over which club he preferred. He even told the media, after the Champions League final game, that he could not promise anything neither to the fans of Manchester United nor to his mother.

Now, it is certain that Real Madrid is his number one and only choice; Ronaldo is acting like the good boy of his mother who previously declared that she wanted to see her son play for Real before her death.

Ronaldo’s aim is to be named as the best player in the world, a title that is given at the end of the year. Therefore, making a good decision over his club future is essential and crucial.

A month ago Alex Ferguson stated that Ronaldo was influenced by his friends and relatives – in other words, Ferguson claimed that Ronaldo was mislaid by his entourage which has resulted in the fact that the young man has firmly made up his mind to quit England.

Former world best player Cannavaro has advised the Portuguese star to remain in Manchester United. Fabio Cannavaro is an experienced footballer and his advice may be valuable. He currently plays for Real Madrid and since winning the World Cup with Italy in 2006, he hasn’t been the ‘Iron Man’ in Madrid’s defence. It seems to have been almost the same for David Beckham who has also urged Ronaldo to stay at Old Trafford. The former Man United number 7 went to Madrid only to face mountains of criticism and huge pressure. He struggled to find his form and apart from money and fame, which is why he is so popular, he did not achieve anything in Spain.

Besides, as Fernando Torres is said to be a strong favourite for the Ballon d’Or, it is possible that he will also be a nominee for the best player award in December.

If Ronaldo stays in England, he will have the perfect opportunity to compete against the Spaniard of Liverpool.

Though no Premier League footballer has ever won the Fifa Player of the year award, Ronaldo could be the first to make history.

Written by: Angela Asante

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