When will Rocket Ronaldo fire again on the field?

After all the worries caused during the saga, Manchester United’s greatest concern is presently over Ronaldo’s injury.

The winger has started minor exercises and is believed to be back on the pitch in the beginning of October. However, according to The Sun, Ronaldo could only be playing as a starter by November.

When Alex Ferguson was asked in an interview about Ronaldo’s return, he replied that there was no need to rush the player.

There is no doubt that the best solution for Ronaldo is to completely recover once and for all before getting back to action, no matter how long it will take.

Cristiano has always been described as a committed player who tries to surmount physical challenges. Now that it looks like he won’t be back in the squad in the next four weeks, Manchester United fans fear about two things:

Either the injury is badly serious, or Ronaldo is unwilling to do his best and recover quickly simply because he is not committed to Manchester United.

For the sake of all Ronaldo fans, it would be better if the reason why Ronaldo will stay out of action for a long time is all because of one true fact:

Come back from the medical room fit and don’t return to it soon.

Written by: Angela Asante

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