Weird: Ronaldo wants to buy a red double-decker London bus!

At 24, Cristiano Ronaldo has certainly won everything that a footballer might dream of – especially in terms of club football and individual awards.

The Manchester United number 7 Superstar landed the Ballon d’Or and the Fifa Player of the Year award as a reward for his amazing skills last season.

Now the Portuguese winger wants to have a personal red double-decker London bus!

It might sound completely weird, but Cristiano Ronaldo explained his reasons behind this wish.

“For me the sight of the red London buses is what my first thoughts of England were,” Ronaldo told the Daily Star.

“My nieces and nephews would love to play on one, so I’m going to buy one for them.”

The speedy fleet-footed Star winger is planning to drive those kids around the country – something which sounded as a comedy to his neighbours in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s weird dream rose a lot of humour around his neighbourhood who compared this story to the 70s TV comedy ‘On the Bus’.

A local commentated on Cristiano Ronaldo’s funny wish of buying a red double-decker London Bus:

“We’ve heard Cristiano wants to buy a bus, which will be a first for this area.

“We’ve been joking that he’ll be able to give us a lift to the shops, but I doubt he’ll drive it much.”

The young millionaire should need £10,000 ‘only’ to get his desired London Bus. These Routemasters are currently no more in use in the country but a growing campaign is backing the re-introduction of these popular vehicles.

There is a serious intent about Cristiano Ronaldo wanting to adapt the English culture by promising to buy a London Bus or even to watch the popular TV series Corrie. And this adds to his constant statements that he is willing to remain a Manchester United player.

As for his nieces and nephews, they possess a rich uncle that can land them any gift. Their dream of playing on a London bus may surely come to reality. What a present that would be!

Watch a special video on Cristiano Ronaldo here:

Written by: Angela Asante

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