Wayne Rooney Beat Cristiano Ronaldo in a Football Game

Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo remain close after he moved to Real Madrid. They even still play football together during their freetime. But don’t get too excited, …they only play together on an online football game.

Rooney and Cris loves to spend hours online to play football games. Of course, they played as themselves. But the England striker showed his skills ,not on the pitch, but with football game consoles, as he finally beat Cristiano on a virtual duel.

Both players still have a good relationship, and keeps competing with each other.

“Wayne is a competitive player, and he doesn’t care whether being watched by 80,000 people or alone in his room,”explained his friend.”It’s pretty much the same with Ronaldo, they had a wild virtual battle end of this season before joining their respective team for World Cup. And Rooney proudly said to me that he finally beat Ronaldo in the match.”

The competition is still ongoing, but this time it’s for World Cup.


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