Vote: Is Cristiano Ronaldo the most glamorous celebrity? Anyone hotter?

Glamorous C. Ronaldo at a Real Madrid dinner

Glamorous C. Ronaldo at a Real Madrid dinner

Hey guys, so I was thinking for some seconds about one single thing… the question is so simple: where does Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo rank among a specific list of celebrities in the world? (article continues below the poll)[poll id=”31″]

The 24-year-old Real Madrid superstar is well known for his glamour which is characterized by his sun-tanned skin, his earrings and finger rings, his short pants, and his sun glasses.

For a majority of girls around the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is the icon of beauty – in other words, the definition of body perfection. Yet, how many people share this opinion? Among a host of celebrities around the world, where would Cristiano Ronaldo find himself in terms of personality?

Is Cris the most glamorous star in the world? Who is more attractive and enviable than C. Ronaldo?

Today, I’ve come up with a list of celebrities which includes males, females, sports stars, singers, and actors as well. Now vote for yourself. Tell me WHO the hottest person between these superstars is.

Then we will all see for ourselves where YOU rank Cristiano Ronaldo in the world of glamour.

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