Usain Bolt to Ronaldo: stop acting like a wuss!

Ask people who was 2008’s best player in the world and you’ll hear most of them saying the name of Manchester United’s talismanic number 7 Cristiano Ronaldo.
Now, ask people who is currently the world’s best player and almost everyone will tell you it is Barcelona’s Argentine Superstar Lionel Messi.

While the “New Maradona” – as he is being called – is receiving praises for his ability to get the ball glued to his feet, pierce defenses and score, “Bad Boy” Ronaldo gets all the critics for his so-called negative body gestures and “diving antics”.

Time is running out for the reigning World Player of the Year if he intends to keep hold of his many individual trophies…

Realistically and analytically, last year’s second best Lionel Messi looks on his way to dethrone his rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

One fan of the Portugal captain who is concerned about Ronaldo’s current form, which is far from reaching the heights he set last season, is the World’s fastest man Usain Bolt. The 22-year-old Jamaican sprinter who is expected to give sprinting lessons to Ronaldo in the summer has come up with an explanation and an advice concerning the Star winger’s current performance.

“The first thing I’m going to tell him: stop acting like a wuss,” Usain Bolt is quoted as saying in The Observer.

“Seriously; because the fact why his game is kind of down right now is because these guys are picking on him because he’s so soft.”

Bolt added: “Ronaldo’s got to be a little like Rooney, he’s got to be aggressive, then these guys will stop picking on him.

“If Ronaldo’s aggressive back to these guys, and gets a few red cards, people will stop picking on him.”

Is Ronaldo doing too much when he goes down to the ground at every single foul? Certainly, defenders are being too aggressive on him and prefer to kick him rather than to snatch the ball in a rightful way – which is so wrong.

We’ve seen nasty defenders escape punishment so many times after making professional fouls on Ronaldo – which always comes much at the fury of the 24-year-old Portuguese forward.

But sometimes in life, you need to strengthen yourself and ignore some things for your own good. This is exactly what Ronaldo needs to do.

(See how bad Ronaldo gets tackled at times!)

Written by: Angela Asante

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