Turkey’s Shocking 3-1 Victory Over Portugal

Another disappointing result for Portugal ahead Euro 2012. Last week, despite only through a friendly match, football fans  got shocked after Portugal national team received a disappointing record for the third times. The  latest was a tragic 1-3 loss over Turkey last Saturday. While in the 2 previous friendly matches, Portugal were only able to achieved a goaless draw over Poland and Macedonia.

Against Turkey, Portugal got left behind after Umut Bulut scored the opening goal for Turkey. Trying to equalized the point in the second half, Portugal failed the effort and had to accept Bulut’s second goal.

Luckily, at minute 57th, Portugal managed to score their first goal through Luis Nani.

At minute 68, Portugal actually had a chance to equalize the score after the ref rewarded Miguel Lopes with a penalty kick. Cristiano Ronaldo  got the honor as the executor, but somehow failed to finish the task.

And as if it wasn’t enough, 2 minutes before the match ended, Turkey scored their third goal. It was like a nightmare as Pepe made a suicide goal, that ended the game with 1-3 for Turkey’s victory. Let us hope they can do better this week in the real match.

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