“Troublesome” Ronaldo to add fire to his pace

Cristiano Ronaldo is not this year’s flop as many had predicted or even wished he would be. The Portuguese ace has been vital for the Red Devils in all his games since returning on the field of play after recovering from the ankle operation he had last summer.

Despite not being the Ronaldo he was last season, he still gives a lot of worry to defenders who often use harsh manners to stop him.

The other problem here is that if Ronaldo presents himself as a trouble to defenders, their unwanted fouls also comes at Ronaldo’s fury. And the 24 year old World Player of the Year admits that it’s all about him knowing how to contain himself in such situations:

“I am a target of course so it is difficult to avoid certain things,

“I try to control my anger. Sometimes it’s not easy, though, and it is something I have to improve on,” Ronaldo revealed to The Sun.

“Sometimes it is difficult because of the atmosphere in the stadium and the importance of the game. I’m only 24 but I have a lot of experience of big games and that helps because you learn through situations.

“If someone kicks me, I get up and I go again. I am not afraid of being kicked it is part of the game. I see it as a challenge that they have to kick me to stop me.”

But soon, kicking the Star winger may not be the ‘perfect’ solution for defenders to block him. Cristiano Ronaldo is said to have settled an appointment with the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt – also a big fan of the Portuguese Superstar – which will consist in learning speed lessons.

“It’s definitely going to happen,” Bolt’s Irish manager was quoted as saying.

“We’ll sort something out this summer when Usain comes to Europe.”

According to the Independent on Sunday, the agreement for a meeting between the two Superstar athletes occurred when Bolt asked Ronaldo for a signed jersey to add to his collection – a wish which Ronaldo apparently granted full of joy. The Manchester United number 7 then asked the 22 year old Jamaican to help him improve his pace ability in return, when the Beijing Olympics triple gold medallist travels to Europe for Berlin World Championships in August.

While Cristiano Ronaldo will be working on his pace to come out stronger next season, defenders will be hoping for the worst to happen before it becomes tactically impossible to tear him down.

Written by: Angela Asante


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