Toni Kroos praises Real Madrid team spirit and Cristiano Ronaldo quality

Toni Kroos says Real Madrid‘s team spirit is “huge,” while he believes Cristiano Ronaldo to be the best player in the world at the moment.

Kroos, 24, joined Madrid in the summer from Bayern Munich after months of speculation that he was set to leave the Bundesliga club.

The likes of Arjen Robben, Thomas Muller and Philipp Lahm have been replaced as teammates by players such as Sergio Ramos, Gareth Bale and Ronaldo.

And while Kroos says he is used to playing in a side with such quality, Madrid’s team spirit is unmatched.

“I’m used to the feeling of playing in a team with high individual quality. Only the names are different at Real,” he told Die Welt. “Everyone accepts his teammates here. The team spirit is huge.”

Kroos singled out Ronaldo as the player that has impressed him the most since his arrival in the Spanish capital.

“He polarises just through his quality,” he said. “I think that there is no player in the world right now who is better than Cristiano. And especially when I started here, he was the one to approach me. He is a really pleasant lad.”

Last season, Kroos made 67 appearances in total for Bayern and Germany — more than any other player in the Bundesliga. Around Europe’s top leagues, the record was only bettered by Atletico Madrid and Spain‘s Koke, who played in 68 games for club and country.

Kroos went on to offer his thoughts regarding the ongoing discussion about the increasing workload for footballers.

The midfielder, a huge basketball fan, said that it might be a good idea for football to learn from the NBA.

“In my opinion, the workload is too high,” Kroos said. “Especially for the national team players, who also play in Europe with their clubs. It’s not a coincidence that so many players have suffered injuries in the past two months. And we are not talking about strains, we are talking about severe injuries — muscle tears.

“I am of the opinion that there are too many games and too little breaks. And I don’t say that to go on holidays. The best example is the NBA, with high intensity and long breaks. During the season, the NBA teams play every three days. That’s a lot, and they also travel far. But from the end of May until October they have their break.

“I think that also we need more time to recharge our batteries. If the number of games stays like that or even increases, we’ll need squads with 30 to 35 players to have a sensible workload for everyone. But who wants squads like that? Nobody. I think it makes sense to reconsider the match schedule, it’s just too packed.”

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