The Trio Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Higuain – The Most Productive Strikers

Cristiano Ronaldo, Gonzalo Higuain, and Karim Benzema are the 3 most deadliest strikers in Europe. In Spanish League, they already collects 62 goals combined. And last night at Champions League second leg match against CSKA, they have proven their great contribution to the club by scoring another 4 goals.

So far, Cristiano Ronaldo already collects 42 goals . Karim Benzema is on the second place with 22 goals. Gonzalo Higuain, who played the lesser matches, collects 21 goals. In total, the 3 players have contribute 85 goals for Real Madrid. Compare to the last 2 seasons, this year they are competing more healthily to score more goals. Unlike their rival Barcelona, who plays Messi as their main striker, (but more like solo) Real Madrid tends to see  that a team with more strikers, creates more goals.

According to the goal statistic in season 2009/10, Ronaldo recorded 33 goals on the season despite it was his first season with Madrid. Moreover, he had 2 months off for recovery after suffering an injury. Yet, Ronaldo still became the top scorer in Real Madrid at that time. In total, the 3 of them collected 71 goals, with Higuain’s 29 goals plus Benzema 9 goals.

On the next season, they increased their record by making it to nearly 100 goals. The total of 92 goals were came from Ronaldo’s 53 goals, Karim Benzema’s 26 goals, and Higuain’s 13 goals. At that time, Higuain had to rest due injury for a few months.

So, the chance for them to have their 100th goal might just happen this season, since there are at least 14 matches left with only 15 goals away.


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