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Cristiano Ronaldo Ankle Injury

Cristiano Ronaldo is perhaps the most unsettled player at the moment in Europe. In terms of decision, it is clear that he wants to quit England as quickly as possible. But his fate is not in his hands only. And besides all the embarrassment caused by Manchester United’s resilience to keep him in the club, Ronaldo also needs to face the challenge of his injury worries:

According to Ronaldo’s doctor in Lisbon, the Portuguese star could even be out for 12 weeks due to the nature of the wound, which is reported to be deep. He added that Ronaldo was currently under treatment and should be able to arrive in England in three weeks time, where he would be continuing to recover with the help of Manchester United’s medical staff.

It is obvious that according to what Ronaldo’s doctor affirmed, one may suggest that the number 7 player is going nowhere but back to Man United.

From Ronaldo’s point of view, these bad moments of his career caused by his operation will seem to be with no end.

He might cure from his ankle injury but he will have to bear another wound: the fate of having to stay in Manchester United against his own will.

Written by: Angela Asante

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