The saga is over ‘forever’, what’s on Ronaldo’s mind?

Calderon made it clear on Friday. Real Madrid’s hunt for Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo is finally over.

The Spanish Giants have dismissed all claims that their club will engage in a new fight come January or any other transfer window to lure Ronaldo out of Old Trafford.

Calderon finally admitted defeat in the transfer saga, declaring that his club had good relations with Manchester United’s David Gill, which he would not want to damage.

Well, Cristiano Ronaldo can now fully concentrate on his life at Manchester. The player has three more years left in his contract when this season ends, enough time to engrave him as a true Manchester United great number 7.

Ronaldo could be ending his career in England if the club does not decide to sell him. If Ronaldo keeps playing for the Red Champions with enough determination and consistent form, there will be very few chances for Ronaldo to be enlisted on the transfer list.

Ronaldo always admitted that he would one of these days love to play in Spain to fulfil his wish, but will this ever happen finally?

Perhaps Ronaldo is disgusted at Calderon’s comments on Friday or maybe it doesn’t make him any difference.

Whichever, once Real Madrid have officially announced that their chase for Ronaldo was over, the player can be a Red Devil with no distraction.

Written by: Angela Asante

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