The saga: Ambitious dreamers v Resilient people = Real Madrid v Manchester United

Obviously, there’s no need for me to go into details and recall the whole story about the Ronaldo transfer saga. Some say this issue has become tiresome while others follow it with a curious eye and the anxious feeling over Ronaldo’s future.

Well, for us journalists, this Manchester United-Real Madrid-transfer-saga is a story that fills our pages with letters, words, arguments, and analytical texts.

Manchester United’s crowning as English Premiership Champions put a smile on the faces of millions of Man United fans (like me!) , as well as on the Red Devils’ entire club – and this includes Cristiano Ronaldo.

“This is a family club and I am really, really happy here,” Ronaldo said recently.

“It is a fantastic achievement to win the league again and I am really happy.

“Everyone is so friendly at this club and this is why everyone loves Manchester United – and I love it as well.”

But despite the player’s happy attitude over the weekend especially, talks about a transfer from Manchester United are still ongoing.

Real Madrid’s Florentino Lopez was quoted as saying to the media:

“Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world. The best players in the world should play for Real Madrid.”

Real Madrid are no more the frightening giants that every club feared. Astonishing score lines – like the 5-0 aggregate loss to Liverpool, the ridiculous 6-2 thumping defeat to Barcelona, or even the 3-0 loss to Valencia in the league – have completely disgraced this mighty club over the course of this season.

They will need some immense strength to be the Madrid everyone used to know while their rivals Barcelona are marching forward like invincible warriors.

But Perez is determined to do what Ramon Calderon couldn’t do – which means to restore Real Madrid’s pride and to succeed in bringing the World’s best player Cristiano Ronaldo.
As a result, reports suggest that Real Madrid are prepared to break records by signing Ronaldo for £ 75 million and pay him £ 200, 000 a week.

Speculations have resounded in everyone’s ears since 2008 especially, however Manchester United’s David Gill is adamant that Cristiano Ronaldo is and will remain a Red Devil.

The 51-year-old Manchester United Chief rubbish Real Madrid’s attempt of luring Ronaldo:

“We’ve never had that discussion. There’s absolutely no point in having that discussion. We made it clear last year he’s on a long-term contract with us and it’s never come up.”

One man who brands Real Madrid’s wish of signing Cristiano Ronaldo as pure fantasy is Lazio’s Chairman Claudio Lotito. Speaking to Piazza della Liberta over a club transfer matter between Aleksandar Kolarov, Juventus, and his team, Lotito said:

“Kolarov to Juventus? These are dreams which journalists make up,”

“Even I would like to have Cristiano Ronaldo, but this is not within my possibilities. It’s just false news.”

On the other end of this opinion is Bayern Munich’s former midfielder Lothar Matthäus. The 48-year-old was speculating on a possible transfer involving a move for Frank Ribery to Manchester United.

“He [Florentino Perez] would be the first person to break the €100 million mark in history,” he said talking about a Ronaldo switch to Madrid.

“If Ronaldo does not go, then Man United will not buy Ribery. Ronaldo scores thirty goals a year, Ribery doesn’t.”

And speaking about Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance, here are some tips and comments which Usain Bolt had to give on his visit to Old Trafford:

“I explained to him a few things about when he is running and reaches top speed he starts to tip over, he always does that,”

“I let him know if he brings his foot on the centre of gravity, or even in front of him, it will be much easier. He will be much better and he will go faster for longer.

“Because he’s so fast they keep pushing him around, he needs to be more aggressive, [then] they will leave him alone.”

Written by: Angela Asante

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