The Prodigal Son

In these last few weeks, possibilities that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo would leave Manchester United for Real were very high. With Ronaldo buying a house in Madrid, most people thought Alex Ferguson had lost the war.

But these suggestions prove to be untrue as Ronaldo has done probably the “biggest u-turn” of this summer transfer issues: Cristiano will remain at Old Trafford next season.

However, money has certainly played a great part in Ronaldo’s decision to stay in England. Last week, Ramon Calderon declared that the Spanish Champions had no intention in signing anyone at a price of 100 million euros.

In the meantime, it has been reported that Manchester United have offered their star winger a jet and a pilot. This explains that if money is the reason why Ronaldo wants to leave, United are rich enough to provide the young man with everything he wishes in order for him to remain in the club.

Whichever is the real cause why Ronaldo will not be joining the Spanish giants, the 23 year old superstar has come back to his “father” Alex Ferguson. Ronaldo will be staying in England, where he can be given love and affection like nowhere else as Manchester United’s assistant coach said.

Written by: Angela Asante

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