The New Fact About Cristiano Ronaldo’s Son & the Mother

Cristiano Ronaldo baby rumos has led to another story, which opens up about how the baby was conceived.

According to a search of The Sunday Mirror, last year, Ronaldo was on a vacation to Los Angeles. On the hotel, he seemed to spend much of his time at the  restaurant. The reason was because his eyes got caught with one of the pretty waitress there.

As usual, he always tried to get what he wants, and started to seduce the waitress to sleep with him.

“Ronnie looked at the woman into her eyes and casually said ‘Me, you, f *** f ***.’ She was confused at the beginning, and said “What?”

Ronaldo then drew a heart on the window that separate them, and said,”Me,you,kiss”

“That was typical Ronnie. He always pretended to have a bad English, then he’ll said what he wants bluntly,” said one of his friends.

She then accepted the invitation, and later, they make out in Ronaldo’s room. “For Ronaldo, it was just a one-night stand as usual, and he assumed that he would not see her again,” explained his friend.

But unfortunately for him, the woman got pregnant, and she demands for his responsibility. At first, she had difficulties on tracking Ronaldo, but finally she was able to contact Jorge Mendes, Ronaldo’s agent.

Mendes later told Ron and he was immediately shocked. “I feel like Boris Becker, former world tennis player who got woman pregnant in a restaurant and had to spend €20 million  for compensation.”

Of course, Ronaldo didn’t believe the waitress confession at first, and sent his representative to negotiate with her in New York. He wanted to do DNA tests to prove that the child was indeed his son. Evidently, she spoke the truth, and the baby was proved as his own.

“Cristiano was told about the test results when he was at the World Cup.”

After his  son was born, Ronaldo instantly bring the baby to be nursed by his mother, Dolores Aveiro, in Portugal. “My son will be under the exclusive escorts,” writes Ronaldo in his official Facebook.

“Ronnie love being a dad, even though he does not plan to have a child,” continued the source.

Most expensive player in the world vowed never to tell anyone the identity of the mother of his child. “He has not spoken a bit to close friends, who is  actually the mother of this child.”

He plans to tell his son about his mother identity, when his son reach 18 yrs old. Does this mean we have to wait for another 18 years to finally know the truth ??


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