The Full Translate Interview of Cristiano Ronaldo with rTVE (2-April 2010)

Cristiano Ronaldo shared his feelings towards Champions League failure, La Liga, and World Cup. This all what he said on the interview :

What memories do you have in your presentation?
“It was a unique moment in my life, especially for what happened. I’ll never forget.”

You are hated and loved. Think you can be a mixture of envy and fear?
“Maybe. I tell them to stay that way because it motivates me. At first it is confusing because outside the stadium all want photos and autographs and things change within the field.”

“I don’t like to watch the Champions League matches because it leaves me a bit annoyed because I know that our team was good enough to remain in the competition and we are not because of our own fault,” he said Friday during an interview with public television TVE.

“I am so angry with the elimination that I have stopped watching the rest of the Champions League matches. It hurts.

“We made mistakes, me, the other players, we have to learn our lessons from this. We lost, now we have to raise our heads and think that we have to do better next year, which is possible,” the Portuguese international added.

“I consider myself to be a winner, I try to always move ahead. I know it is very difficult, nothing in life is easy, if it was easy we would not be born crying.”

“I have not signed with Real Madrid for just one year and I will fight to win a lot of Champions League titles after next season.”

But before looking to the horizon, Ronaldo expressed his hope of lifting the Primera title.cris

“I am confident that we will win our match against Barcelona at the Bernabeu and that we will also win La Liga.”

However, the winger expressed the importance of going game by game. The first step is the El Sardinero stadium against Racing Santander.

“It would serve as nothing to think of winning against Barcelona if we were to lose points against Racing or the rest of the rivals that we have to face. We have to take the pitch focused and ready in every match.”

“We know that we have eight matches that we have to win, it is difficult but I am confident that we can do it,” he said.

“We have nine matches left and we need to think of them as finals and win them all. The league may be decided by the Clasico, but we cannot just win at home and then lose on the road. I am very confident about our chances.”

“Real Madrid played one of its best matches of the season at the Camp Nou, but we lost. This time I prefer to play poorly and win in the Bernabeu.”

“During the years I play for Real Madrid, which I hope is the last team I ever play for,  I will give everything I have and prove to the club and fans that the ammount of money paid for me was we worth it.”

“I do not like to compare myself with anyone. However, we are not only Messi and me. I like Messi because I like the big players.

How does the Spanish league compared to the Premier?
“Both have a very high level, but different. The English version is more physical and fast, the players are stronger. In Spain they are more tactical and technical.”

Then the reporter asks him if It’s true that he does a lots of push-ups ?

CR laughs and says, ” People have a wrong image about me and I don’t do 3000 push-ups a day as they claimed.”

With the World Cup just two months away, Ronaldo addressed questions about the possibility of Portugal facing Spain.

“I hope so because that would mean that we had progressed past the group stage and would still be in the fight to be world champions. Such a matchup in the knockout stages would really be special, both because I would be facing team-mates and because Spain and Portugal are brothers. I am not scared of Spain, but I recognise that they are one of the principal favourites to win the World Cup.”

“I think we will see a Spain-Portugal matchup in the Round of 16 of the World Cup. It would be an honor because I respect Spain, who are one of the favorites to win it all.”

He also added about how to live under a constant focus.
“They say it’s the price of fame. I deal well with it and try to lead a normal life.”

Finally, the interview finished with one simple question: Do you like being Cristiano Ronaldo?cristiano

The Portuguese smiled and delivered a single statement in response. “I love it”.

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