The Fastest Player In The World – It’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Football’s Usain Bolt!

Ronaldo running as he comes on as a substitute against FC ZurichSir Alex Ferguson saying: “Ronaldo is just as fast with the ball as he is without it… maybe even faster”

Yes, he runs with the ball at the speed of light, he frightens and bypasses defenders with his dazzling moves, he flashes from one end of the field to the other in no time at all…

All these attributes make Cristiano “Rocket” Ronaldo the fastest man alive in the world of football according to Germany’s weekly magazine Der Spiegel.

The German study reveals that Cristiano Ronaldo clinches an average speed of 33,6 kilometers per hour while running with a ball at his feet during games.

In order words, the former Ballon d’Or and UEFA player of the Year winner is just a little less fast than his good buddy and sprinter, Usain Bolt, who ran at around 37,578 kilometers per hour (without a ball) in Berlin last summer.

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi did not make it in the top five fastest players on the planet. Instead, Arjen Robben, Theo Walcott, Wayne Rooney, and Robin Van Persie completed the list.

To relive Cristiano Ronaldo’s dazzling pace and skill on the ball, go to Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s video gallery and watch the Portugal superstar executing his speed against Xerez, or any other team he’s played against.

Full statistics:

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid): 33, 6 kph

Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich): 32, 9 kph

Theo Walcott (Arsenal): 32, 7 kph

Robin Van Persie (Arsenal): 32, 1 kph

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor


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