The Duel Between The Clasico and the Club’s Debt

The clasico duel between Real Madrid vs Barcelona is not all about to determine which team is the best club in Spanish. It also involves their greatest number of debt.

According to Spanish government, Madrid is reported to have a total of USD 773 million, while Barcelona around USD 756 million.

Unfortunately for them, just a few days ago, Forbes magazine reported their total worth estimate of USD 1,877 billion for Real Madrid, and USD 1,307 billion for Barcelona. They only lost to Manchester United with the total of USD 2,235 billion.

The amount of debt has become the concern of Spanish Government, and to avoid the number in getting increase every year, they have instructed them to pay the debt before 30 June 2012. Therefore, The Clasico duel is expected to brings provit to both clubs, since it will be broadcast live to more than 200 countries.

As for UEFA, they didn’t want to get involves in the clubs debt. According to the new UEFA regulation, the clubs have to maintain the balance of income and expense.

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