Telecon Finally Apollogise to Cristiano Ronaldo for False Statement

Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t have to wait too long find the truth behind the false news and reports from Telecon. Yesterday, after he made a statement that he wanted to make a legal step for the media, two of the reporters of the “Save Me” program have amended their statements against Real Madrid that have aroused so many controversy.

Kiko Hernandez was making a false report, that Cristiano, along with Pepe,Marcelo, Sergio and Casillas, had a party all night. But yesterday, he red a statement that seemed to be written from his superior, which he apologized, and denied all the reports that said on Wednesday.

With his head bowed , Hernandez briefly and reluctantly apologized to the club and especially to Cristiano Ronaldo. He described the controversy as a misunderstanding due to an error on their sources of information.

In addition, Kiko Matamoros also flatly denied the reports a day after having defended the opposite. It seems that Telecinco now realize they had to apologize before having to face another lawsuit with a powerful rival.

Of course, this was nothing compares to the attack from the 2 reporters to Real Madrid side. They accused was, “It is an outrage, a shame you can not afford! They were laughing at us. Come on, please! Before a party like Barca, we still do not know how the Real Madrid … “complained the former contestant on ‘Big Brother’ on Wednesday afternoon.

Sergio Ramos, who also being accused on attending this party¬† was actually on Sevilla that day, with his grandparents for some reason. At this moment, Cristiano Ronaldo and the Spanish Giant haven’t made a respond for Telecinco act, whether they want to continue to sue the media or not.


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