Team player Ronaldo seeks to hit 10

Cristiano Ronaldo’s achievement last year was none less than distinctively remarkable. The Portuguese clinched the EPL and the Champions League titles as well as the Fifa World Club Cup in Japan with Manchester United in a fashionable manner.

The Star winger managed a breathtaking number of over 40 goals for the Red Devils, some of which were against big guns like Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and French Champions Lyon, and he also scored in the the World Club Cup to engrave his influencial display.

Asked what mark out of 10 he will give to his memorable performance of last season, Ronaldo answered The Daily Star:

“I can’t say 10, so nine,”

“I think I can improve all the time.”

“10 is the maximum and I haven’t reached that yet so, I’d give myself nine. I hope 10 out of 10 is to come. I believe it will.

“My challenge is always to be better and better. You have to try for that. If you don’t try, you won’t win anything,” Ronaldo continued.

The number 7 Star had to go under an operation earlier last summer, which made him miss the start of this current season. Ronaldo has struggled to find back the amazing form he once had, but as Manchester United are now performing well on all four fronts, Ronaldo is still a happy footballer.

“Some things went against me at the start of the season when I was injured, but my form is coming back and the team is winning. That’s the most important thing.

“Me scoring goals is not important, as long as the team wins. If that happens, I win too. I know if I keep working hard and doing the right things, my form is going to get better and better, so I don’t worry.

“I do try to make people happy with the way I play. When people come to the stadium to watch you, they want to enjoy themselves, and I try to make that happen.

“When you win, then everything is good. Winning, scoring, and beating defenders, that’s the order I like it.”

Written by: Angela Asante

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