Supercopa Controversy – Victor Valdez Tripped Cristiano Ronaldo in Penalty Spot

There is always controversy behind El Clasico match. And this time,  Barcelona once again manage to get away with 2 penalty shots, that happened right under the ref’s nose.

Indeed, Real Madrid made a few hard tackles during the match, and at least one or two of it should ended with a yellow. And the one that led to controversy was Pepe’s tackle on Dani Alves, which created protest among Barca players. The incident brought us back to the similar one last season, when Pepe received a straight red card after tackling Alves (although on video, people could see that Pepe actually didn’t touch Alves leg).

The  difference is, this time the ref let Pepe go without a card.

But the ref kindness didn’t came for nothing. In return, the ref made a clever move on saving Barcelona from a penalty shot, or should I say, 2 penalties. First, Abidal made a handsball in the penalty area in the first half, which earns a penalty. And second, and the most obvious thing, was when Victor Valdes deliberately tripped Ronaldo while he was trying to chase the ball.

Funny ?? It is funny, since the best goalkeeper in Spain did a childish incident, yet he got away easily, by saying “I simply touched his foot, it wasn’t a penalty,”

Real Madrid played differently yesterday, which is better, so did Barcelona with their new team. However, there is one obvious thing doesn’t change, and that is the one-sided referee.

Anyway, here is the video of the incident, feel free to judge….Just click the link below :

Victor Valdes Cheating on Ronaldo in Supercopa


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